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Creativin is an ecosystem of curated content newsletters providing meaningful resources and information corroborated in collaboration with some of the most relevant international mainstream, alternative, and independent media and voices.

We initiated the newsletter service Creativin to connect the dots across media and shape an influential voice around research resources, information, news, and opinions that create broader story pictures. Creativin is an informative supplement and micro-publishing service for content curation and redistribution that indexes relevant contributions in mainstream and independent media to provide context-rich and diverse perspectives, filter content, amplify discussions, and shape public opinion. By generating thematic series that aggregate content across the spectrum, we aim to deliver regular newsletters to showcase the most intriguing stories around designated topics of interest and shape coherent narrative content in new contexts. As a redistribution service, we connect narratives and subject matters from hundreds of media channels to stimulate topical perspectives on the creative industries, technology, science, politics, literature, arts, and mainstream news.

Creativin is a service based on strategies of media survey, content curation, redistribution, and republishing that fulfills several essential functions. First, it works against the invisibility or negligence of information to multiply potential readings of what can be relevant for people to discover and learn about. Second, it is a means to counter how news sites and social media storylines recede in a flux of excessive new content and flattening accessibility. Third, it is a means to take responsibility for the information put out into the world and circulated. Fourth, reinserting carefully curated information into the public sphere is an act against repression, disappearance, silencing, or various forms of programmed obsolescence through the constant flux of new production. Finally, curation, extraction from the original publication contexts, duplication, and recomposition are meant to maintain a degree of visibility and reorganize information in new formations.

Creativin is a service deeply rooted in purpose-driven scrutinies of media to reveal positive, inspiring, and life-altering stories, events, instruments, and experiences from around the world. We seek to disseminate stories with real potential for change and showcase the potential of thematic newsletters to shape coherent narratives while fulfilling an informative function. We aim to break up with the mainstream logic of content production, reproduction, social media, news, and ever-new information by creating a public sphere centered around meaningful stories that inspire change in mentalities, practices, and socialities.

Our newsletters are designed to form specialized reader communities and create well-defined spaces for consolidating public opinion. More than an inspirational and informative newsletter service, Creativin generates relational complexity around inquiries, research resources, and information. Echoing small tin boxes of mints and the possibility of alleviating the pains of the mind, Creativin delivers content to an initial audience of more than 5k professionals in design, architecture, art, journalism, politics, and social studies. As the newsletter service expands, we consider adopting additional media channels, including a regular informative podcasting program. Creativin is a free-for-all service and does not accept advertising—we want to guarantee a reading without interference, ensure everyone has free access, and provide real value to our readers.

Creativin is currently in development and is expected to launch in 2023. Identity design developed in collaboration with Echo Branding © Stranger Projects OÜ, 2013 / 2023. Images © Milad Fakurian are used here only to illustrate the current design direction.

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